What is CSA?

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between farmers and consumers in which the risks, responsibilities and rewards of farming are shared.

Commitment goes both ways

Mandala Garden’s commitment is to provide a variety of local, seasonal, fresh organic/biodynamic produce throughout the season, for the crop share members. The CSA scheme provides an invaluable continuity of income for Mandala Garden and makes growing more sustainable and more enjoyable. We grow to supply a certain amount of shares each week. All produce are grown at Mandala Garden (unless communicated otherwise). Because of this, we can plan the crops accordingly and very little produce is wasted. In return, Mandala Garden aims to provide members with quality produce, which is good value for money, and the opportunity to visit and see their food growing as well as to contribute to the growing of your food - really being in touch with the seasons and the soil. Mandala Garden is delighted to share biodynamic/organic produce with you!

1st Step

Please contact Ute; Ute@mandalagarden.uk To sign up or to be put on the list. This is because we have to find a fine balance between demand and supply and the variability of each season’s growing conditions. We only grow for our members!

2nd Step new!!!

Membership is really important for running a Crop Share Co-creation and gives members a much better deal than a Veg box delivery service! Please pay an annual fee of £30.00 for Crop Share Membership and read the membership details below. This fee helps to cover overheads like increased administrative and insurance costs. Your contribution is much appreciated! Thank you for being part of Mandala Garden Project! You can pay your membership very easily on the OOOOBY platform when you sign up.

3rd Step

Sign up at this OOOOBY platform. OOOOBY helps us managing the weekly deliveries and payments. Once the system is rolling, there is nothing else for you to do but receive your crop share box. However, you can change and update your profile and payment on the OOOOBY web page.